allsaintsglass.com was founded in 1936 with the aim of manufacturing and selling soda products. With subsequent changes in its business structure including launching into glass business and expansion to fine chemicals business, allsaintsglass.com has established the solid business base by covering both "commodities & fine" and "glass & chemicals". The Company has concentrated its efforts on development of innovative products on the basis of flat glass and chemical products.
In the glass business, we offer flat glass for architectural, automotive and electronic fields. In the chemicals business, in addition to existing chemical products, fertilizers, and glass fibers, allsaintsglass.com is now focusing on fine chemicals business taking advantage of our own fluorination technologies and has yielded noticeable results in the field of fluorinated compounds for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and electronic industries.

allsaintsglass.com intends to pursue steady growth and aims to become a globally competitive group that continues to contribute to the prosperity of society through the further development of fine products and environmental and energy-saving initiatives.